Welcome to Gergely Katona's Lab

Structural biology, Kinetic crystallography, Protein dynamics

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From left to right:
 Stanislav Andres, Viktor Ahlberg-Gagnér, Maria-José Garcia-Bonete, Maja Jensen, Rhawnie Caing-Carlsson and Gergely Katona
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Memorable events

2022-06-08 Well done, Dr. Maja!

2022-02-25 Viktor is our new doctor!

2021-09-01 Our Horizon 2020 Future and Emerging Technologies venture begins. It is exciting to be part of the LINkS consortium: https://project-links.eu

2019-04-05 Majo is a proud owner of a PhD!

2018-11-23 Rhawnie is a doctor!

2015-10-09 Congratulations to Dr. Ida!

2015-10-07 The Röntgen-Ångström cluster awarded the consortium of Gergely Katona, Jorgen Larsson (MaxIV), Hanna Wacklin (ESS), Andrew Jackson (ESS), Tomas Plivelic  (MaxIV) 9.6 million SEK to develop general triggering techniques for time resolved SAXS/SANS experiments. Similar level of support is provided to our partner in Germany: Dmitri Svergun (EMBL) and Manfred Rössle (Uni Luebeck)!

2014-10-03 Annette successfully defended her thesis!

2014-10-02 The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation continues to fund the consortium with 26.5 million SEK!

2012-10-19 First new Doctor of the group. Congratulations to Dr. Weixiao!

2012-10-08 The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation awarded the consortium of Richard Neutze, Andrew Ewing, Kristina Hedfalk, Gergely Katona, Thomas Nyström, Jan Stake and Jan Swenson 17.6 million SEK for studying the effect of non-ionising radiation on proteins and cells!

2012-03-28 Paper in PNAS! [FULLTEXT]

2011-11-03 Gergely received a 1.95 million SEK grant from the Swedish Research council!

2011-10-27 Elin defended her Master thesis. Congratulations!

2010-09-15 Ida started her PhD studies in the group. Welcome!

2010-09-10 New group homepage!